Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Time to talk pooping!

Well I never thought it would be that time, but being out of action with a foot injury has allowed me time to think and refocus the blog!

Before heading to America I read a couple of interesting books on ultra light weight backpacking, and in one particular book (which did have some useful tips) there was a whole chapter about 'outdoor pooping' on the trail. Basically, it recommended using a tent peg to dig the hole, and "don't worry about toilet paper.... use fir cones, grass or smooth pebbles". Really!?!?!

Well I bought into the first tip on our recent trip (tent peg), but not the second. I took my 16g tent peg and thought this is a smart move, but immediately had to admit it wasn't and had to go cap (should it be crap!?) in hand to Abi to borrow her digging 'tool'. You could prod around with the tent peg, but not really empty a hole. The sea to summit was a great digging machine, but maybe over kill. Can double as a garden trowel at home though.

After the trip I discovered and bought what I think is the ultimate compromise. A titanium trowel - called the 'Big Deal' (17g), (available from ). I've dug a few holes in the garden (sorry neighbours) and it seems affective, but not as yet trail tested it...............

Sea to Summit 107g, Big Deal titanium 17g and the MSR toilet peg 16g

Hopefully I will be able to get out in the hills soon so you won't have to suffer these posts....

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Night ride - Austwick

I arranged to meet Steve this weekend for a mountain bike ride, initially we were going to go out in the day, but when Steve suggested a night ride and a chance to try his new bike lights how could I not.

By day Steve is a product designer, designing 'bits' for cars, all too technical for me to understand! Over the last 3 winters he has been tinkering in his garden shed in Ingleton designing and making bike lights. Last winter I tried an earlier model and it was amazingly bright when we went on a unforgettable ride in the snow ( snowy ride ).

Getting ready to go

There goes the super nova
I'd not kept track with quite how far he had got with the lights, but am very impressed that they are now available for sale. I love the name of the company 3Peakslite, and the names of the 3 lights available, the Ingle-Beam (brightest), Whern-Star (middle) and Pen-Y-Nova (entry level) - clever Steve ;-). I knew that even the entry level, lowest output light would be super bright so opted to try this on the ride.

Walking the bridge, don't want to fall in the river tonight

Spooky bridleways
We headed out from Austwick in the Yorkshire Dales because this area is crisscrossed with loads of walled lanes, and makes for interesting, sheltered and exciting night riding. We rode for a couple of hours and it was such good fun, the lights were amazing, I'm sure Steve's were brighter than a car headlights on full beam. It was great fun trying to get some night pictures as well, something I'm rubbish at, but want to work on, so thanks for being patient Steve.

Being chased by the Whern-Star

Phew, only Steve!
I really hope someone buys these lights as well, they are amazing, and I'm still really impressed that he has developed these at home in the shed - well done. Going to put one on my Christmas list for sure. Have a look at 3peakslite.