Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Grizedale gallop

A day off (yay) because I have to work on Saturday (boo), so I headed to Grizedale in the Lake District thinking I'd go for a big ride. In the end it wasn't so big, but I explored part of the forest I've not been to before, so coupled with the sunny weather it was great fun.

Great trails....

No one else out....

Views over to Coniston


My lunch buddy!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Cocktails and climbing

With the sun still shining it was time for this years first summer cocktail party on Friday night. Kim's idea, and she suggested everyone coming brought 1 litre of cocktail with them. I made Moscow Mule, which tasted nicer the more I had (funny that!). A fun evening out on the common, although a tad breezy at times (!).

New look for me....

Can't remember why Abi, Helen and Kim had elf ears on...!

The hard bit was then getting up early on Saturday to go climbing. I was groggy to say the least but I had a fun half day at the local Warton Crag, managing to climb 10 routes from VD to VS 4c - they are all quite short from 6-10 m.

No idea which route!!
The smell of the remaining Moscow Mule in the fridge when I got back was hard to stomach....

Monday, 7 July 2014

Le Tour - day 2

Having had so much fun yesterday we decided that we had to go and see day 2 too. We parked at Skipton and mt biked over to Addingham to spectate. We made the strategic decision to ditch the preceding caravan and just turn up to watch the race so when we arrived it was packed and we got grumbled at one family as we tried to find a space to stand without obscuring anyones view (who'd been here 2 hours - don't you know!). 

It was fab with the buzz of so many fans lining the roads as the race sped past. What was even better was the atmosphere in Skipton where we went for lunch afterwards. There was a real carnival vibe, music in the streets, sunny and we watched the end of the stage on the big screen by the side of the canal.

Vive La Tour....

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Le Tour Yorkshire

I've been really excited and looking forward to le Tour de France starting in Yorkshire all year - shame I was full of a cold, but that wasn't going to spoil the fun. The main dilemma was deciding where to watch it from. I really wanted to get up near Hawes for the big Buttertubs climb, but getting there was problematic with road closures etc. 

Planning stage, where to go...
Instead we opted to park at Malham Tarn, and mountain bike over Mastilles Lane to Kilnsey and catch it here. Good plan, no traffic problems getting to Malham, and plenty of parking. The ride over was reasonably popular with Tour fans - as expected. 

Abi ready for Le Tour

Dropping into Kilnsey

Kilnsey had a cycling festival on (velo fest) and it was busy, and a great atmosphere. Whilst most spectators were 'hanging' outside of the pub listening to the DJ, we had a nice coffee and second breakfast at the quiet Trout Lake (excellent breakfast 'bap' !). 
King of the.....
They get you in the end - death, not by too many chemicals or sugars, but the crazy Fruit Shoot lorries!

Wiggo, here in spirit....
The preceding caravan was great, with loads of sponsors cars throwing gifts to the fans. I got a frisbee, 2 x random green bags, haribo's and some other tat that I have already lost! I was envious of the people who had a cycling cap thrown their way (Jane)!

Great atmosphere
We rode through Kilnsey and the crowds all cheered us as we rode through - weird but great. We ended up having field to ourselves just out of town (well village) to watch the spectacle from. It was dramatic, and due to the narrow lanes, the riders were quite strung out and took a while to pass. The crazy low flying TV helicopter that buzzed above us was excellent too. 

Waiting for the Pelaton

Allez, allez our kid

My fave team....  BMC!
We took a longer quiet route back, which had some great trails over a high grouse moor (no idea where we were!), only slightly marred early one when we over took 2 x old men walking in the middle of the road who shouted at us because we hadn't shouted at them to warn them we were approaching. They shouted "we are deaf, one day you'll be deaf, so shout so we know you are coming" !!! Made no sense to me, and I'm sure their vision wasn't impaired.......

After the craziness of le Tour, back to proper Yorkshire riding...

Great day watching Le Tour and getting 30km in on the bike!