Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Monday, 25 November 2013

frozen feet vs photo opportunity

One of the benefits of working the occasional Saturday is that you can 'go play' in the week. With mountain biking I have been in a 'rut' (pardon the pun!) for awhile, re-riding the same (brilliant) routes over and over.

Chilly start, but amazing views
Nice ferns!

For some time I've thought it would be cool to explore the low trails around the Langdale valley and try to figure out a loop, so today that's what we did.

Nice restoration project waiting in Langdale

Great trail, too many gates!
It was a good route, starting from near Ambleside and going into Langdale using various sustrans bits, bridleways, byways and the odd 'other' trail before looping back a similar way. Not a hardcore route, but very scenic. I wanted to spend some time taking pictures, but it was fairly brisk and at times I had to refrain from asking Abi to 'just ride that bit again'....................

Which way.......

I love old doors and wood!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Kendal Mountain Festival

I caught up with friends I've not seen for awhile and saw some great stuff at this years Kendal Mountain Festival. Its a great event to check out as long as you aren't allergic to famous climbers, duvet jackets and beanies. It has inspired me to finally make the 'small film' I've been mulling over for a year or so. So lets see where this goes!

Below are a couple of interesting short films from the festival (?time fillers for the work week ;-)   ). I think the shorts are the best bit of the festival, some are glossy and brand sponsored and others are real grass roots stuff. Enjoy!

Strong (Roger)- ski


Joy of Air

Petit Bus Rouge - crazy base jumping, climbing clowns!

Haute Route - mountain bike

In the frame - Joes story of recovery (well small part of it)

Also I caught 2 great full length films on the Sunday; McConkey - about a famous skier/base jumper who led a mad life until his death at age 39 and The Crash Reel. Crash Reel is an amazing film about Kevin Pearce a snowboarder who was the best in the world and but had an accident in 2009 which left him battling to survive a severe brain injury. An amazing film I would recommend to all - check the trailer below, and try to see the whole film.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Everyone should own a pair of orange jeans...

On Monday I had to venture away from the safety of the NW to attend a work conference in Birmingham. Often at weekends, or holidays I'd be heading into the mountains early to catch the first light or first snows (the dawn parole), but this trip reminded me that I never venture out this early (6am!) into urban spaces.

Walking through the 'closed' dark and damp city before the open sign had been turned was actually a treat, an insight into the life of the very early risers. The only brief company being a loan jogger, and the constant jangle of milk bottles as I followed a milk round but never quite saw the float.

At the station the world was alive (awake!) with the early train to London expected soon. As I queued for a caffeine kick from the platform Costa I'm surprised and heartened when the staff greet all other customers by name and the regulars get their drinks pre-made and placed at the end of the soulless black formica bar. Loose associations are made with this daily ritual and I'm left wondering how much information is gathered and shared over the years..... How deep does the bond stretch.....The human species do have some admirable qualities after all.....

The conference was good, and Birmingham was busy and vibrant as I'd expected. I even got drawn into the Apple store and had to fight my conscience to get out without succumbing to the future. An interesting day all told... The perfect way to end this trip was to indulge in sushi and a 'can' of wine on the homeward bound train......

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Back in the saddle......

After a brief period of hibernation I headed out today mountain biking in the Yorkshire Dales with Steve. It was beautiful weather, maybe a little chilly when we set off (-1), but soon became nice and warm in the sun.

An icy start to the day. Whernside with a dusting of snow
It may look flat but this is a long climb from the viaduct!
 Steve wanted to ride the whole 'Tour d'Ingleborough', but I didn't have that in my legs so we used a car shuttle to cut out a section and rode the brilliant section from the Ribblehead viaduct round to Clapham, and back to a hot drink at Steve's house in Ingleton 17 miles later!

Over the new (ish) bridge on the Pennine Bridleway