Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Night climb in Langdale

With a clear sky, full moon and a frost forecast how could we not resist a night climb of Original Route at Raven Crag last night?!?!

The Moon! With Jupiter on its left (no tripod so blurred!)
Nice belay ledge to relax at and watch the moon

On the traverse (rest) pitch (cold hands)

 Fun night, finished off with a quick drink at the Old Dungeon Ghyll. I think I need to work on my photography skills though!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Haweswater land of the Hobbits!

With the crazy wet weather of late and poor forecast for Sunday we decided to go on a low level walk exploring the area around Haweswater.

We parked and got 'booted' up near some very 'hobbit' like chalets at the head of Haweswater. The start of the walk went along a road, and I noticed a house named 'Aragorn' - hmm, where are we again?!?!

Amazing ash tree in the 'shire' (will ash dieback get this far - hope not!)
We headed through some beautiful rich native woodland spotting the odd red squirrel as we battled through the mud.

Amazing lichen - and a Hobbit scuttling off looking for a ring......

When we got over to Swindale the sun came out. It was too wet to look at the crag, which I'd finally got to climb at earlier this year (its only taken me 5 years!).

Swindale - Gouther crag hidden in shadow under the sun!

Peter Pan shadows
On the return loop we saw a Hobbit walk in someone's garden, and I think I spotted Bilbo Baggins disappearing behind some trees.

Most people associate New Zealand with Lord of the Rings, but after today I'm not so sure....................

Views over to High Street as we head home to Dolphinshire

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Langdale - Mountain biking

I spent a great morning mountain biking with Steve today. It was fairly 'nippy' first thing with the car telling me it was + 2C, and I could see a dusting of snow on the tops.

We chose a loop that utilised the fantastic stony tracks in the central Lakes. Firstly heading over Skelwith (fantastic views of Wetherlam, Crinkle Crags etc), before dropping into the Furness Fells and Hodge Close Quarry.
Steve didn't want to get wet feet this early on!
Can you see the dusting of snow???
Steve dropping down the 'chute' in the Hodge section (lomo style pic!)

The weather was fantastic as we headed over into Little Langdale, with only one cow encounter and one airobatic display! Amazingly there weren't many bikers out - on this route at least!

who's giving who a wide berth?
Man down!!!! The shame of being caught on camera!!
From Little Langdale over to Great Langdale I've found a new (to me) secret track that turns off the more popular drop into Elterwater and means you can take a fantastic 'old' road to Oak Howe and deeper into Langdale before quick tracks sped us back to the cars. What a brilliant blast in the Lakes today - left me wanting more..........

Great old road heads into Langdale - wouldn't fancy taking my car up here!

Which way? Last view of the Langdales before heading back

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Quiet day on Pen-y-ghent!

The forecast for Sunday was excellent, but after all of the rain we have had in the North West lately we thought the Lakes would be very wet, so instead opted for the Dales and Pen-y-ghent.

It was a good choice and we saw the sun breaking through the mist as we headed over. The walk in joins the Pennine Way, apparently this section is noted as being the best and steepest bit of the whole Pennine Way (not sure how accurate this fact is!).

Up we go...
On top we were greeted by lots of people and children, they may have been scouts or young offenders (joke), but not really sure, all I know is that they seemed to be swarming and leaving rubbish on top! Peace soon arrived as they headed off.

Quiet on top then!

Soon quiet though!
Dramatic as the mist drifted in and we headed over to the much quieter and boggier (that's more like it!) Plover Hill. This top was very flat, and strangely we couldn't seem to get to the summit cairn as it was the far side of a high dry stone wall (no stiles etc).

The 3 wise owls heading down into the monks valley
Down we headed to the Hull Pot, which really is a dramatic sight, before winding our way back down to the cafe at Horton and a well earned pint (!) of tea. Brilliant Autumn day in the hills - thanks Janet and Rob for the excellent pictures.

Me, Janet and Abi circling the Hull Pot (pen-y-ghent behind)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Garburn Pass - Mountain biking

I managed to get an exciting new job this week and wanted to celebrate by going on a big mountain bike ride this weekend. The weather forecast for Saturday wasn't that great so I decided on a shorter but challenging route.

The Garburn Pass (old road byway - 449m) is a right of passage for any mountain biker in the Lakes area. You have to decide which way you tackle it, both having pro's and con's! I mulled this over on the drive up to Staveley in the rain! This would be the 6th or 7th time I've tackled it from various directions and routes, I'll never forget the first time, it felt epic.

It's very steep, rocky and technical. The choice is whether you want to ride up the less technical side (still hardcore), and descend the gnarly side (very hardcore - think double black), or push up most of the steeper side and then have the better descent.

I opted for the latter, which then meant on the way over to it I had the classic blast down to Kentmere Hall as well. It was a cool ride and very wet. Annoyingly I had forgotten to charge my camera, so only got 2 pictures before the battery went flat. I'd forgotten just how rough it was and as I pushed up the steep side of the pass a rider passed me pushing her £3k Orange Five down the hill, come on girl!! (obviously I didn't say this - I politely said hello!).

Near the top of the pass 3 riders head off...

At the top it was very atmospheric (damp!), and I saw 3 riders heading the opposite way to me. Now was the bit I had been waiting for - the descent! Wow, it had changed since I was last here, some of it had been washed out, and created holes and channels up to 2-3 feet deep in places (crazy). Super technical but fun! I lost concentration for 1 milli-second and got thrown off by a wet rock, whilst switching channels. A few bruises and dented pride was all I had to show for this silly mistake.

A fantastic 15 mile blast in the Lakes on a damp day!! Brilliant.

muddy, cold and satisfied - glad to have a cup of tea!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Snow, pumpkins and hats but mainly revision!

Beautiful weather in the North West this weekend. We awoke yesterday to a dusting of snow on the Bowland Hills. Sadly for me I don't  have time to undertake any fun activities this weekend because I have 2x job interviews this week, so need to complete a presentation and prepare for them!!

Local horrors I spotted today!

Especially sad as we have Sue visiting from France - but Abi has taken her on an adventure into the Yorkshire Dales today.
Hat wash day for some in Dolphinholme - thats Mon - Fri covered at least!

I did study for a short time in my car now the bed conversion is completed. It was nice to read some research and contemplate it whilst surveying the sky and scenery through the glass roof! I got a few odd looks when the church brigade turned up!

Ah the Hand Therapy Quarterly - a super publication!!

Due to this being such a dull post (sorry), I have also included a picture that reminds me of places to get back to!!

Beer or grab an axe and go? Or both?!