Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Peanmeanach village and beach

After a few days in the cold snow zone the weather actually looked better a little further North, so we headed on the road to the Isles for a walk in the sunshine, which didn't disappoint.

Views to Eigg and Rum (I think!)

From near Arisaig, we headed off on a rough and icy path heading for the long deserted settlement of Peanmeanach and its beach.

The bothy at Peanmeanach
The path was hard going covered in ice pretty much all of the way, but the sunshine and views out to sea, and over to some of the islands made up for the treacherous path.

I admit to being surprised by how beautiful the area was. At the beach there were a lot of remains from an old settlement, along with a great looking bothy. The views back to snowy peaks also added to the experience.

I've read that there are viking links to this area, but the latest depopulation in this area began as early as the 1730s, with displaced tacksmen taking their people to Canada and America. The Clearances saw more driven out. The last residents of Peanmeanach itself are thought to have left as recently as the 1940s.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A break in the weather (at last)

It was great to finally get reasonable weather and be in Scotland at the same time. I spent a few hours at Glencoe mountain on Friday sliding around in murky weather before meeting Nico at the Nevis Range and having a brilliant ski lesson with Gillian on Saturday.


Gillian put us through our paces made even more fun by randomly bumping into Des and Cath who I skied with  a little last winter.

checking options in the breeze

The back corries haven't lost any of there reputation as we skied along Lemming Ridge leaning into the biting wind blown snow looking for the best (read easiest) entrance.

Nico - the Italian stallion in the back worries

Gillian showing the way

I think the easiest drop in was at Wingers, but once 'in' the terrain was very steep with mostly good cover. Unfortunately not seeing a sudden obstacle saw me taking a fall which really knocked me for six! I would have probably benefited from a brandy to calm my nerves, but instead we skied more until my legs couldn't take any more. A great couple of days in the snow, but how long will it last....

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Lots of bad weather and Nacreous clouds

A frustrating week, were I was hoping to get to Scotland for some skiing/climbing, but the continuous   rolling through of storms meant it just wasn't worth the drive. Seeing these beautiful nacreous clouds did provide a brief distraction from the rubbish weather.

Nacreous clouds, sometimes called mother-of-pearl clouds, are mostly visible within two hours after sunset or before dawn with vivid and slowly shifting iridescent colours.

They need the very frigid regions of the lower stratosphere some 15 - 25 km (9 -16 mile) high and well above tropospheric clouds. They are so bright after sunset and before dawn because at those heights they are still sunlit. 

They are seen mostly during winter at high latitudes like Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska and Northern Canada, and obviously occasionally further South like these in the UK.   

Taken by Gordon Smith