Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Rebel with a cause

I seemed to briefly get in trouble with the KMC on Friday by emailing the club not realising there was a Patterdale meet already organised. In the end I was a rebel and went off on an exploratory mission to find and climb on the gritstone in the Chew Valley with Shaw's crew.

Bleak on the moor

A steep pull up to the crag
We went to the beautiful Dovestones Edge nestled high up on the moor with commanding views to Dovestones reservoir and beyond.

Shaw and Judith on a slippery HS

Great views but cold at the top
It was a bit 'parky', we all seemed to leave essential clothes in the car expecting sunshine and warmth as per the forecast but it was pretty chilly most of the day.

The climbing was excellent and we climbed 7 routes from VD to VS. I didn't spot any polish, but some of it was a tad green and could do with a quick brushing.

The sun's finally out

I climbed all day with Cliff a lifelong student of enlightenment, who travels this road by trying to master one of life's great puzzles - how to make the ultimate recycled beer can stove. He's also a very good climber, super positive and extremely affable - and a mere 74 years young! Wow I have a lot to learn in life.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The delightful Duddon Valley!

Sue's visit from the Auvergne coincided with a wedding in the village and the arrival of nice sunny weather (after a forecast of tres pluie)! Sue was also kind enough to bring lots of wine, which always goes down well.

Walking up the old 'Parsons Road'

Lots of small beautiful tarns
Today we headed to the Duddon Valley in the Lake District and had a very enjoyable promenade around the low fells. The weather was great, and views extensive.

On the way home we called in at the Boothes in Ulverston and I nearly ended up in a fight with 2 'older ladies' over a loaf of bread - I didn't realise the danger.

I spy.....
I spied a 'loaf' of rustic olive bread that I thought would be just the thing to have with our Tuscan sausage casserole, I picked it up..... big mistake and then noticed lots of women surrounding the bread display waiting for all of the items to be reduced.

Herdwick's gathered for shearing
Unbeknown to me if you touch or pick up an item then IT WILL NOT GET REDUCED - as a local informed me whilst scowling at me from across the iced buns! I waited for the melee to die down and put in my move, finally getting the olive loaf which to be honest I would happily have paid full price for!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

In the shadow of the Sellaronda Hero

Finally got to meet up again with Steve today after too long. He's just back from completing the sellaronda hero mountain bike race in the Dolomites - a gruelling 87 km race with 4,700m of ascent.

Playing around at Semer Water

Steve shredding in the tree's
Today we took a trip out in his 'Bongo' camper van and headed to Semer Water in the Yorkshire Dales. A very scenic spot that I've not been to before.

gross, but satay mole anyone...
Don't slip...

From here he headed over some very hilly terrain to Bainbridge and onwards towards Castle Bolton where we had an interesting time crossing some slippery stepping stones!

At last some down hill

After this we climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and I can't remember when it actually stopped. Steve's always fit, but today I got punished and clearly all of his training for the 'Hero' has done him some good. Lets hope he now loses this fitness quickly.

A well earned cup of tea
A cup of tea in the camper was well earned after today's 30km ride, thank goodness I had some spare water left for the tea Steve ;-). 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Midge Fest III - the revenge

The plan seemed sound, head to the North Lakes after work and climb at Raven Crag, Thirlmere. Its a much quieter crag than its namesake in Langdale and we fancied climbing Communist Convert and Anarchist.
The crags around here somewhere....
Its in a beautiful setting nestled in forest above Thirlmere and the shortish walk in was very scenic - good so far. Sadly from this point on events conspired against us. There was a fair amount of bushwhacking to try and locate the start of Anarchist, proved by the fact that I found 3 ticks sucking my blood when I got home.

However, what ultimately kind of spoilt the night were the midges. The forecast had predicted a breeze, but there wasn't one and and we were eaten alive. I've never experienced such ferocious beasts..... We were engulfed in a massive cloud of them, Ben belayed with a jumper over his head so couldn't see a thing, whilst still being savaged through his trousers/top, they were so unbearable that we had abseil from the top of the first pitch to escape and run away.........

Just before abseiling off and running away....