Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Country folk visit the big city!

We had a city day today (due poor weather!) and this entailed heading to Manchester with the promise of seeing dinosaurs, and embracing cultural delights! I put on my city trousers, but forgot my avant garde city 'flat cap', oh well next time!

Highlights were the Manchester Museum and The Lowry - think that about covers it!

Shabtis, or servant figurines (approx 4"-6" tall), placed in tombs to act as workers for the deceased in the afterlife. Their inscriptions held important information of the titles held by their owners. They were one of the first 'tourist' souvenirs nabbed from tombs due to their small size and colourful designs.
Shells! Lots of shells...........

News Flash - Horses evolved from terriers! I don't remember that from school! In effect thats what its saying? Isn't it!?

Not sure city life is for me..................too crazy.....................

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Saint Simon!

Well clearly this isn't me, but Abi came back from Staffordshire with an amazing present for me from Chris and Parge. A 19th century stained glass pane of Saint Simon!! Bought at auction and restored, not sure where it originated but 'we' think it's English from a ?demolished Church.

You may be interested to note the following when I googled Saint Simon the Zealot (zealot, hmm is that me???!!!):

"he the apostle called Simon Zelotes, Simon the Zealot, in Luke 6:15 and Acts 1:13; and Simon Kananaios or Simon Cananeus ("Simon" signifying שמעון "hearkening; listening", Standard Hebrew Šimʿon, Tiberian Hebrew Šimʿôn), was one of the most obscure among the apostles of Jesus. Little is recorded of him aside from his name" 

Thanks Chris and Parge - A truly amazing present - lets hope it doesn't go to my head!!!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Snow + Bike + Night = Big Fun......

Shhh, don't tell anyone but I think I was in Narnia last night! I don't remember a wardrobe or lion, but other than that I'm sure I was there for a couple of hours of magic!

In Narnia (on a bike) - very happy bikers!

Steve's idea was a night ride in the Yorkshire Dales last night. I admit to being dubious when looking out of the window at the snow - worries of even getting there and then trying to cycle did enter my mind! But Steve persuaded me, and he was lending me a super bright bike light to try out (he's a product designer and is working on his own brand of super bright bike lights to market/sell!!)

Setting of down the walled bridleways

Careful with the speed Steve!
It was an exciting drive to our meeting spot at Austwick, with very snowy roads, I was glad of the winter tyres on the front of the car!

What devilry follow's me? Is it the ice queen of Narnia, or her minions?
No - just Steve with his mark/version 5 bike light! Brighter than car headlights

The ride was incredible, its hard to explain, or describe it fully, but it was a magical experience. Firstly  biking along wallled bridleways in fresh untracked powder snow, lit up in a bubble of super bright light! This was followed by snowed in roads.

This way I think

Wait for me.......
The section trying to follow bridleways across open ground in a blizzard was particularly memorable. Good job we knew the area well. We didn't see anyone else - not sure why! It really was the most fun I've had for a very very long time - thanks Steve!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Night time ice climb.....

Seeing all the winter climbing action that my 'semi-retired' friend in Wales ( ;-) ) is getting up to inspired me to get out in the Lakes. Due to work the only time I have available at the minute is at night time. So tonight I headed up longsleddale with Conan as we knew there was ice in Galeforth Gill (III)

The ice on Monday/Tuesday in day light!!
The ice was a little hollow and wet but provided good sport and entertainment. We'll see if it all disappears with the predicted thaw at the weekend.

Now where's that Gill!?!
Found the Gill, where's the ice!!!

Where's the top! Ah here it is!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

High wind chill in Bowland!

With reports of snowman making in Bristol, good sledging conditions in Corris (Wales), 8"-10" of snow in Derbyshire and snowboarding in Staffordshire I was a little disappointed that we didn't have any snow at home! However, there is a little on the Bowland Fells, so today he headed up Hawthornthwaite to take a look.

Enjoying the snow and views!
Runner - Both parties were surprised to see the other up here!
Hawthornthwaite (478m) is the hill we can see from our bedroom window. Its a great heathery fell with views of the coast to the East and miles and miles of heather clad hills to the west. Today it was very cold, windy and bleak (brilliant). We were very surprised to see a runner (usually you don't meet people up here!)!

It was so cold and exposed, we delayed lunch until we got down to an estate shooting hut in a wooded clough near the end of the walk!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bouldering in the Peak (ripping it up!)

What a fantastic weekend I've just had going back to the 'homeland' of Derbyshire. On Saturday I managed to persuade my mum to come bouldering at Stanage where she ripped it up, doing some quick flashes and repeats of hard problems. Sadly my camera battery was flat on Saturday....

The stickies (rock boots!) are in the shoulder bag!
Mum looking calm and relaxed before the rock rampage started!!!!
On Sunday I visited my favourite old haunt, Cratcliffe/Robin hood's Stride. It was perfect weather for hitting the bloc's, sunny and about 2C. I really enjoyed it but also really struggled, unable to climb most of the problems I used to trundle up! Oh well, its a good incentive to get fit (strong!) again.

Warming up on the 'egg' (boulder) in the tree's
As the day went on it got very busy, lots of climbers with pads swarming over the classic's, but it was still easy to find some old hidden gems that I remembered. Brilliant day............................

Sort those feet! The easy side of the arete (hard side cold brrr in the shade!)

Phew made it!!!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Red sky in the morning.......

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise looking East over the Bowland Fells, but having seen the days weather forecast it made me think of the old saying.......

Lots of rooks were facing/awaiting the sunrise (they flew away before I got the camera!!)
 Looking at Haythornthwaite (hill!!)

We headed to the Lakes to meet Rachel and go for a walk and deliberately picked a low circuit in the Patterdale/Helvellyn area due to the poor forecast. It was an atmospheric walk but great to be out. I particularly enjoyed Lanty's Tarn as I'd not seen it before.

At Red Tarn - marvel at the views of Helvellyn (?where)!!

Today was grey (weather wise), but auspicious in another way - the forming of a idea of which more will be revealed soon!!