Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Coed Brenin Enduro 2014

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Glen Feshie Singletrack

As a warm up we decided that a ride in Glen Feshie would fit the bill. Its the first time I’ve been in this area and the drive down the glen was very beautiful. This would also be the first outing of ‘Nellie’ Abi’s new bike. Rather annoyingly it soon became apparent that the shop hadn’t set up the gears correctly and only the middle ring at the front worked (bad Bike shop). 

The scenery made up for it, even though no low gears meant Abi occasionally had to push up steep bits (good excuse!). The route I got from a book suggests heading South down Glen Feshie from the end of the road until you get to point when you can cross the river. Sadly for us the bridge had been washed away in 2009 (the year my guide was printed)! 

Is that 'all mountain' bike too big for you?
Looking at the remains it looked like even if it had been standing we would have been putting our lives in our hands using it as the remaining timber was very rotten. A helpful sign by the ruined bridge suggested it was to be re-built in 2010!!!!

Great forest trails
There was the option to ford the ‘big’ river but neither of us fancied wet feet/legs all day - even though the pictures could have been entertaining.

Wide open spaces
We had to retrace our route 3km to another bridge, then again go back South on the far side of the river but it was worth the extra mileage as the next section was ace.

Abi blasting the trails
We headed up a shooters track and gained a fair bit of height. Great views of the hills from up here and as it flattened out the trail headed deep into forest before dropping down rooty/rocky/muddy/ technical single track and bring us out at deserted high glen with old croft ruins. 

Nice rest spot
On her new bike Abi shredded this technical single track and I struggled to keep up. There’s a new Queen of the mountains, and her name is Abi….. I think Nellie and Abi are going to have a fine time together….

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